Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Dismal Lack Of Sasquatch In The Dismal Swamp

For the last 6+ months I have been filming a documentary on the history of The Great Dismal Swamp which covers a large area of North Carolina and Virginia with Lake Drummond being at the center of the swamp and the feeder of the swamp. As I and my assistant, Shannon Turner, have traveled the land filming I have searched for any sign or stories of Sasquatch in the area of the swamp. What I found was basically nothing. To the south the Albemarle Sound group has sightings and stories and to the west in the mountain area Bobby Woods and his group have amazing sightings and stories. I have talked with hunters and historians and rangers that have been near the swamp all their lives and none have any stories of Sasquatch. The geographical aspects of the swamp and the land around it are flat land, however the lake does sit higher than the swamp and has some of the cleanest water in the country. The swamp itself is not conducive to mankind wandering around in it for many reasons, yet numerous man made paths weave through the swamp in a spiderweb like configuration. The swamp has been devastated by the greed of man and is still being destroyed for the "progress of man" BS.

The forest around the swamp are dense and vast and the food supply for a creature such as Sasquatch is plentiful. Deer, fish, berries, etc, all in abundance with cover to hide easy to find. Many I have spoken with tell stories of the strange sounds that come from the swamp at night, just about everyone I spoke with had a tale of strange sounds from the swamp, screams and whistles and yells. Is it possible that I have just not spoken with the right people or person? of course, but I have certainly spoken to many.

In books written on the mysteries of the swamp we did come across a story of a man who claimed to have encountered a large "Wildman" like creature in the swamp and then went back and gathered his friends and they hunted the creature down and captured it. They built an enclosure for the creature but the creature died a short time later and they stated it died from the food they fed the creature. We researched and tried with all we could to validate this story but found nothing or anyone even related to the man in the story. What we did find was this tale seemed to be shared by at least two authors. I consider this a myth from the swamp but would love to be proven wrong.

I am now in the process of filming just a few more sessions on the history of the swamp this week then my next project will be the mysteries of the swamp, perhaps I will find that right person or as I ramble through the amazing treasure , The Great Dismal Swamp, I will encounter or find some sign of the elusive Sasquatch..



My name is Chris Brown. I have the youtube channel "Virginia Bigfoot Recon". I search areas near York county and lee hall va. b/c that is where I live.I had an encounter in the Great dismall swamp area. This happen to me before I was actually obsessed w/ seeking sasquatch. The ordeal scare the livin' crap outta me.I have since been fascinated w/ the possibility of BF in the swamp.Interested in network w/ me or talk or whatever I am at or 757-870-7518. I like what I see on your site, I think we on the same quest?


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