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North Carolina Bigfoot Sightings

Greetings and I hope everyone had a great new year and has a great 2011. For my first interview of 2011 I bring you a very special report. I was recently contacted by a man who asked me to interview his daughter concerning her sighting (s) of Bigfoot. After a few days of email exchanges we came to an agreement on a time for me to call and speak to her about what had occurred.
I called and we began our conversation and I found the young lady to be articulate and literate and very intelligent. She was very precise with most aspects of her story and after about five minutes into our conversation she mentioned something which caught my ear and I asked her how old she was as her father never mentioned her age. She replied she was 15 years old! I was truly surprised by her age and her maturity in her way of presenting herself..

I will not be using her full name and I will not give her specific location due to her age. The following sightings took place in North Carolina. In this report the witness will be called HM..

In 2008 HM and a friend where playing on the edge of a woods and playing just inside the tree line. The girls smelled a strong stench and moved further into the woods to see if they could find what the smell was coming from. HM said the smell was like a decomposing carcass. A point of interest to me was that when the girls left the smell was gone after about 30 minutes. I can attest that this type of odor will stay with you and then dissipate from your smell after a short time period, but can linger longer..
The girls found a large log that had fallen over and were playing near the log. Her friend suddenly stopped and was looking in the direction over the top of the large log laying on the ground. HM could not see what her friend was seeing and pulled herself up on the large log. When she did this she saw what her friend was frozen in place staring at .
What the girls were looking at was a large hairy upright creature. The creature was somewhat bent over at an angle from them and was doing something with some branches. HM said it looked like the creature was examining the branches. The creature was very bulky and it seemed as if the hair contained highlights and this was a sunny day. HM stated the hair was long but shorter than 12 inches. On the back of the head the hair seemed to hang down at least five inches. Shorter on the body. HM could see the arms but was not sure of full arm length. HM described the hands as looking like a gorillas hand to her. HM actually saw the creature handling a branch and lay it down. The branches were approximately one inch in diameter and 3 to 4 feet long.

The branches did have a few leaves on them. The creature was approximately 30 feet away. When I asked HM how tall the creature seemed to be she said she could not be sure as she was looking at how big it was and not how tall it was. The time of year was March. HM slipped on the log and her foot hit the ground with a crunch and when this happened the creature stood up quickly and it was looking around , it was turning its head back and forth and as it did the girls tried to hide behind the fallen tree. The girls could see the legs as the creature moved away.
In 2009 HM and her friend had gone out to take down a hunting blind and as they were preparing to take down the hunting blind HM looked over and saw a large (7-8 feet tall) hairy creature walk into the woods. HM said the first creature was much darker in color. She described the second creature as having a more light brown cast to its color. The second sighting was approximately 10 miles from the first. The first creature seemed to be much larger to HM than the second creature. The time of year was November or early December. The time of day was mid day and HM found it odd for the creature to be out that time of day.

The people who owned the land had killed deer and left the carcass's in the field. HM did not like how the people handled the carcasses as they were left in the area for a week and HM stated the smell was horrible in the area. HM also stated to her it looked like the creature was moving away from a carcass laying near the point where she saw the creature entering the woods.

HM knows a person who flies often in the area and this pilot has told her he has seen dark figures out in fields or in breaks in the woods as he flew low over this area. And the sightings have been over a long number of years.
HM stated that what stuck in her mind about these creatures was they seemed to her to be so human like but at the same time they were an animal. HM was not able to see the whole face of either creature but she was able to get a quick side view of the face of the first creature and she said it's nose was "smussed up". HM said the forehead went back. No hair visible on face but the hair hung down into the face. All this was from a quick side view.

HM told me she hoped no one ever killed one of these creatures but that someday we find out what they are..

This was a fascinating interview and HM presented herself in a very honest way. A great report to start 2011 and more reports are on their way..


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Most excellent report Philip! Happy New Year!

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